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Drywood Tent Fumigation

Our proven tent fumigation process includes:

  1. Covering your home with tarps: After your home has been prepared for fumigation, our licensed fumigators and crew members will tent it with large tarps, get the interior ready and seal all the tarps

  2. Posting permit notices: We obtain permits from the Florida Department of Agriculture and post these notices in conspicuous places as required by law

  3. Releasing warning agents: After we have tented your home, we will release a warning agent (tear gas) to ensure your home is vacated of all people and pets prior to fumigation

  4. Locking down: We will secure all the doors of your home with additional locking devices designed to prevent anyone other than our licensed fumigators from entering your home

  5. Posting warning signs: We will post danger signs to warn people to stay out of your home

  6. Keeping the keys: We will keep the keys to your property to ensure that nobody enters your home before it’s safe, as required by law

  7. Fumigating: We introduce the Vikane gas fumigant, which has been proven for more than 40 years to effectively remove termite problems in more than 2 million structures. The fumigant penetrates deep into the wood to completely eliminate all the drywood termites

  8. Aerating and certifying: After the fumigation is complete, our licensed fumigators will aerate your property and use sophisticated Interscam machines to verify that your home is completely aerated. After your home has received our clean bill of health, our fumigators will certify it so you and your loved ones can re-enter with confidence


Drywood Treatment  

  1. Termite Infestation 

  2. Fumigant Introduction 

  3. Fumigant Spread

  4. Termite Eradication 

20201029_123050 (1) (1) (1).jpg

1. Red dots indicate potential locations of termite infestations in your structure.
2. Shaded purple area simulates introduction of fumigant into your structure.
3. Fumigant reaching all areas of your home where termite colonies could be.
4. Results 100% total Drywood Termite eradication.

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