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Heat Treatments

100% Elimination of Termites & Their Eggs!

At AIM Heat we offer a full range of affordable, professional heat equipment and training for termite companies that desire to perform fumigant free termite work in order to reduce expenses and react quickly to infestations. Heat can be used to kill every type of termite and their eggs. Additionally heat can kill bacteria and viruses.. Learn to get a kill in one treatment while doing so safely and without damaging the structure or its’ contents.


Why We’re Different

Our promise at AIM Heat is to provide the best termite control equipment at reasonable prices, fast shipping and knowledgeable staff to answer your questions after the sale. Our experienced staff will offer you the best and most honest recommendations for your pest control needs.


How Long Will Heat Treatment Take?

Treatment times vary based on the size of the structure being treated. Once the recommended temperature has been reached within the area being treated, the chart  shows the length of time required for 100% kill of drywood termites at four different temperatures.

A Termite Colony's Worst Nightmare

Direct fired gas heaters are effective for treatment of insects, raising interior and exterior wall temperatures to lethal levels for wood destroying pests like termites. Titan portable direct-fired propane heaters are the most powerful heaters for AIM  Heat treatments. They are perfect for whole-structure termite heat treatments and can be transported fairly easily around the jobsite. The fans in the heaters are powered by 120 volts at 7.5 amps and the heat is generated by propane or natural gas. Heat levels are set using a Rego valve and digital thermometer. The unit moves 4,500 CFM at 500,000 BTU when fully open and generates 1.2 million BTU per hour. Direct-fired gas units are placed outside the structure and ducted inside.

Effectively Eliminate Pesticides

Heat is the only truly organic termite control treatment method. Other companies would have you believe that their pesticides are organic or come from natural sources, but every applied pesticide carries with it some level of toxicity. Heat treatments are completely non-toxic and leave no chemical residue, eliminating your exposure over potential client health concerns.

Our state-tested technology creates heat convection currents which transfer air throughout the room, forcing heated air molecules to transfer their energy into every surface of the room. Developed and perfected by Michael R. Linford PhD.

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